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[3a/3c] Grammar task 5

Extra practice for Matura 2018 [struktury leksykalno-gramatyczne]
follow the link:  grammar practice 5


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One thought on “[3a/3c] Grammar task 5

  1. KEY:
    1. You needn’t have taken an umbrella. It didn’t rain.
    2. I wish I had helped you./I regret not helping you.
    3. It is forbidden/illegal to smoke in most public places.
    4. We’re about to go now.
    5. I had been watching TV for about 20 minutes before you phoned me.
    6. Don’t open that, will you/alright/okay?
    7. He said (that) he had met her in 2003.
    8. It can’t be Sue! Sue’s much taller!
    9. They refused to help my sister.
    10. Take/Get (informal) that coat off!
    11. He always tells the truth.
    12. Roy wished me/has wished me luck.
    13. My homework has just been finished!
    14. He might not have/may not have understood.

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