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Singing contest (invitation)

just sing it 2just sing it


Language interpreter ;)

A CEO needs to find someone who knows how to speak 7 different languages…

XXXVIII Olimpiada Języka Angielskiego

Etap szkolny Olimpiady w tym roku odbędzie się 18 listopada o godzinie 9.00. Chętni uczniowie proszeni są o zgłaszanie u swoich nauczycieli języka angielskiego.


A simile is a type of idiom and likens/compares one thing to another thing.
Similes often contain the structures as … as or like.

Here’s a list of common similes:

as strong as an ox (about a person with great strength)
as light as a feather (when something weighs very little)
as busy as a bee (when somebody works a lot)
as quiet as a mouse (someone who is shy and untalkative)
as quick as a flash (when something moves fast; someone does something quickly)
as dry as a bone (when something is very or totally dry)
as cool as a cucumber (when somebody is relaxed, cool)

as white as a sheet (when somene’s face is white due to fear)
as red as a beetroot (someone’s face when embarrassed)
as brown as a berry (when someone has a deep suntan)
as black as night

as sick as a dog (sick in the sense of vomiting)
as sick as a parrot (sick in the sense of extremely disappointed)

as deaf as a post (to describe someone who hears badly)
as blind as a bat (to describe someone who sees badly)
as thin as a rake (to describe someone who is very slim/underweight)
as mad as a hatter (to describe someone who is eccentric)
as drunk as a lord (when someone has drunk too much)

to eat like a horse (to describe someone who always has a big appetite)
to drink like a fish (to describe someone who always drinks a lot of alcohol)
to have a memory like a sieve (about a forgetful person – sieves have holes in them)
to sleep like a log (to sleep very deeply and for a long time)
to have eyes like a hawk (describing someone who sees every small detail)
to work like a dream (when something works perfectly, e.g. a plan, a machine)


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