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Underneath the famous ecological slogan “SAVE TREES” someone added “Eat beaver”. In the library of an American university, the librarian left a notice saying “Back in a minute”. Someone then scribbled the signature “Godot”. Graffiti, the art of writing on the walls, is believed to be as old as the human race. It is a way of commenting on current social and political events, and of mocking advertising slogans. It can also be a way of expressing oneself for people who have no chance or no courage to express their views in public. Graffiti writers use all sorts of walls available but probably the most popular are public lavatory walls, maybe because of the privacy they guarantee. Most graffiti are witty and humorous and provide excellent free entertainment.

How do you like these?


KEEP BRITAIN TIDY – Kill a tourist  (added to the environment protection slogan).

JESUS SAVES – “Today he is the only one who can afford to”  (comment on popular religious advertisement).

J0in the ARMY – “meet interesting people and  kill them” (someone replied).

“God is dead – Nietzsche”, (someone wrote).   “Nietzsche is dead – God”, (another graffiti writer added).

However, graffiti can also be a form of vandalism. Some graffiti writers vandalise walls of buildings with obscenities and various kinds of abuse. Compared to many of these, the following slogan does not seem obscene at all: “Eat beans, America needs gas”. In most countries graffiti is regarded as a criminal offence. In Britain, if you are caught painting walls, you can be punished with a fine, or even sent to prison for up to ten years.

The authorities can also order you to remove every trace of your activity. Local authorities organise graffiti removing squads, and the London Underground spends about two million pounds every year on cleaning trains and station walls. This, however, does not discourage numerous graffiti writers who cover the walls of the whole world with thousands of new pictures and comments every year.  [taken from “Tests in English”]

Do you know any funny and wise graffiti slogans?

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