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Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th each year. However, it is celebrated in different ways by different people. For single people – those people without a boyfriend, girlfriend or partner – Valentine’s day is often seen as an opportunity to ask or invite someone special for a date. It could be a special girl or boy, woman or man, that you have been interested in. They sometimes approach the other person and ask; ‘Will you be my Valentine?’ or may even just send a card saying the same thing.

Things you can do on Valentine’s Day

Many people go on special dates for Valentine’s Day. The date could be a romantic, like a candlelit dinner (with candles instead of electric light), where maybe you will cook the meal or it could be a visit to a nice restaurant instead.

Some people have a picnic, where you take food and drink and a picnic blanket, and eat outdoors.

Other popular places for a first date include the cinema, walking in the park, looking at the stars together, and maybe even a breakfast meal!

You could choose to ask your date to do something exciting, something interesting, or just something special with you.

Even for couples (people who are going out with or married to someone) which have been together for six months, or sixty years, often make a point of going out together to do something special on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day should involve some romance. Romance is something that happens in the process of courtship, which is a old-fashioned way of describing what a man or woman does in order to impress or make another person fall in love with them.

Valentine Gifts

Boyfriends and Girlfriends often give a Valentine’s Day card to each other, writing a poem or special note to show their appreciation.

Common gifts or presents that are given include stuffed animals (teddy-bears) with cute slogans and love-hearts on them. A love-heart is the red symbol of a heart. Sometimes you will see cupid on cards too. This is a little angel that looks like a very young boy that makes people fall in love by shooting them with his arrows.

Roses are given by hundreds of thousands of people on Valentine’s Day. Roses may be sent in secret – with a card from the ‘Secret Admirer’, that is, the person who admires (likes) the recipient, but doesn’t want to say who they are.

You will find that some people buy a box of chocolates for their loved one.

If the person is lucky, they may even receive a ring which could led the giver to proposing marriage to the person they love.

Valentine’s Day Origins

There are a number of beliefs about the origins of Valentines Day. It seems to relate to some Roman traditions and some catholic traditions. There is a story that it originated to celebrate the life of a priest who is now a saint, who married people in secret, when young men were banned from getting married. Apparently the priest fell in love while he was in jail, and he wrote her a Valentines Day letter, telling her of his love.

There are also the belief that Valentine’s Day was originally a pagan celebration of fertility.

The oldest known valentine poem was written by the Duke of Orleans to his wife while he was in jail in 1415.

Whatever the case, and whatever your current situation, you can enjoy being a Valentine, in any romantic way you choose!


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